Slow Cooker Meatloaf

Like many acutely autistic people, my teenage son eats very few things, and is very fussy about the things he does eat. For some reason though he never hesitated to dig right into my slow cooker meatloaf. The reason, I’m pretty sure, is the gravy. All the meatloaf recipes I had made for a dry meal, so one day I tried cooking it soaked in a broth & mushroom cream gravy, and Bob’s yer uncle!

As I say in the recipe down there, we found it has a much sweeter and softer taste with a mix of Beef, Veal and Porc, rather than just straight up ground Beef. Also makes for a great freezer meal, if you have a vacuum sealer: I seal & freeze individual slices with a bit of gravy in plastic pouches, and have kept some for up to 2 months with no degradation of taste. Just pop it in the microwave 2mins at half power and voila!

Justin Meatloaf.PNG

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