As blatantly revealed by this blog’s title, my name is Anthony, Québécois father of two special-needs ruffians and worker of the nightshift. It’s a very lonely life and there’s little time at all for myself. I keep my sanity with two things: my music podcast which I record at night, and trying out easy recipes that I usually don’t quite like so I try and try again with variations each time until I find exactly what my partner in life likes. And then I endeavor to like it as well…

The point of these very basic recipes is that such things used to be thought in school or learned at home from a homemaker parent. But we now live in the instant-gratification society of ‘I don’t have time for this‘, thus no one really learns or teaches these basics unless you aim for a career in food services. I was taken aback recently when a close acquaintance mentioned having never learned to make an omelette, which prompted me to not remember a time when I did not know how to myself because I used to cook with my mother all the time as a kid.

I have no delusions of being a great cook or chef of any stature,  I’m a homemaker dad and partner whose simple meals are all prepared with love, and I pride myself in making most of them from scratch rather than buying ready-meals and overly processed foods. And really, ask yourself, would you rather eat McDonald’s cardboard ‘burgers’ or Grandma’s cooking? If you do only one thing a day with your family, let it be a home-cooked meal, so feel free to use or improve on my little recipes. I’m not doing this for profit or fame, but if you do improve on my recipes, I’d love to post that in here, so make me your first stop. Please.

Thank you for visiting my page, and if you tune in to my podcast I hope you liked it as much as I love recording it. If you don’t like Canadians, let me remind you that we invented Basketball. And if you’re a Francophobe, what has Hatred accomplished recently?

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