Easy Greek Salad

Foodies and restaurateurs might vilify me for advertising this recipe as a ‘Greek’ salad because, truth be told, I looked at a bunch of recipes to make one and ended up improvising to my own personal tastes. So for the sake of cultural politeness, I should rename it “Anthony’s White French Canadian Impression of What a Greek Salad Should Look & Taste Like“. But that’s a mouthful to type so let’s just stick to “Easy“.

You’ll notice I ‘optionalized’ red & green onions; to be perfectly honest I don’t care much for onions and usually go with green ones with any recipe that requires “regular” ones, but I do encourage you to try the variation so you can decide for yourself.

I usually make this either for a quick-to-eat lunch at work or as a side dish with fish filet. It’s a low-cost, tasty way to go “Mediterranean” if you ask a former healthcare worker you esteem greatly for diet advice when you need to give your intestines a break, and she tells you to kiss you red meat habit goodbye and bury it alongside your childhood hopes and dreams. And on that surprisingly dark note, Enjoy!

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