Chicken Fried Rice

I can’t emphasize on this enough, cooking a meal is like fixing a car: you do a much better job when you have the right tools. And I’m not saying you need to mortgage your house to spruce up your kitchen, half the things I use for cooking were either given to me or bought at the goodwill store (don’t cringe, rich people like to spend on stuff they absolutely never use then give ’em away when a pricier model comes out, so let THEM spend for you). Heck, Wal-Mart sells a full-size Crock-Pot for 25$ and those things last 40 years if you take care of it so the investment is very much worth it.

Like many other recipes I have posted, the Chicken Fried Rice is an absolute basic of a classic that used to be thought in Home Ec at school, or learnt while helping your parent do it as kids, both of which are scarcely a reality anymore. And again, this one is a base on which you can work to find the improvement or variation that fits your own palate. But for the love of God get yourself a Wok if you don’t have one! My partner got me a low-cost electric one for our 3rd anniversary, that was 18 years ago and I still use the damn thing on a regular basis. Or you can get a stove-top one for under 15$ in most department stores. The right tool for the right job, that’s how you make a great meal!

Chicken Fried Rice.PNG

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